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The School of Foreign Languages
2022-11-25 22:55  

   The Shenyang Jianzhu University school of Foreign Languages was founded in the year 2003. The school consists of the English language department; the postgraduate education in foreign languages department; English for non-majors, departments one, two, and three; the experimental foreign languages center; the main office; and the office of student affairs. The school is tasked with the provision of educational courses of study in foreign languages at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, research work, and personnel training in English for professionals. There are currently 115 students enrolled as English majors in the school.
   The school is reasonably structured, employing many passionate and exemplary individuals. Of the 72 total members on staff, there are 4 administrative personnel, 47 instructors, and 21 associate or full professors. In total, 50 members of the faculty hold master's or doctoral postgraduate degrees. Those with international study or work experience number 35. In addition, the school has employed foreign experts from the United States, England, Canada, the Netherlands, Russia, and other nations to instruct on a long-term basis.
   The school has complete education and research facilities, and advanced equipment. There are currently 9 computerized language labs, occupying more than 1500 m2 of floor space. In addition, there is one electronic reading room, and 3 FM broadcasting stations for student use. An online student self-study system has been set up, along with an online language lab. The school's reference room contains in excess of 4200 volumes, and is subscribed to over 20 academic journals.
   The school emphasizes education reform and scientific research. Since 2008, the school has been honored with two of its courses, and two of its educational faculty teams being recognized as university-wide Excellence in Education recipients. The school's faculty members have collectively published over 200 academic papers, and over 20 treatises, translations, textbooks, and other related materials. They have undertaken 5 education related research projects at provincial or higher levels, and over 30 such projects at the university level. Instructors from the school frequently receive awards in university, city, and provincial education competitions.Under the primary discipline of Foreign Languages and Literature, five subprograms have been approved by the university to establish postgraduate degree programs at the master's level.
   The school places great emphasis on teaching and the direct education of students. First and foremost is practical English, and the ability to use classroom knowledge in one's career after graduation. To this end, the school has established courses such as construction engineering management, which serve to strengthen the four core language abilities of listening, reading, speaking, and writing, and additionally to allow students to better translate professional materials related to their careers. In recent years, graduates of the English major program have not only enjoyed a comparatively high job placement rate after graduation, but have also been placed in quality positions. They have been widely praised and warmly welcomed by their new employers.
   The school is dedicated to preserving its core of quality education, and emphasizing the importance of qualified instructing staff and faculty. Faculty members are encouraged to push the limits when pursuing research; to innovate, and to reform. Teaching staff are driven to find new and better methods for ensuring that graduating students are fully prepared to handle the challenges that they will face in their careers. Administrative staff are tireless in their devotion to making sure that students' concerns are handled quickly and professionally. Across all personnel, morality and integrity are stressed. With these core beliefs, and supported by the university, we believe that the school will see continuous improvement into the future.